How to create Tweets, posts and headlines like a boss

Consumers are immune to advertisements. Yes, it’s true. Consumers have trained their eyes and mind to ignore blatant advertisements so it’s critically important to design advertisements and marketing copy with consumers in mind.

Tweets, headlines and posts need to be interesting, relevant, and they must include a concrete pay off, or benefit. The benefit can look something like this:

  • A giveaway
  • Automatic entry into a drawing or contest
  • Poses a question that makes them want to know the answer
  • Poses a question they’ve asked themselves recently
  • Is a creative question with an understood payoff
  • Promises entertainment and/or humor

When creating content, think about what would make a customer want to click on a link, what would make them want to retweet or share your post, why is it interesting and what’s in it for them? Let me give you a few examples for each social media platform.


Bad–How do you make mealtime better for your pooch? #wholesomepetfood

Good–How to create more nutritious meals for your dog! (insert link for campaign with recipes)


Bad–Has your dog tried our new Fresh is Best Chicken Recipe? Create a meme to show us what they thought of it.

Good–We love the new Fresh is Best Chicken recipe! Share a photo of your dog loving dinner. #freshisbestsmiles


Bad–Share a photo of your dog enjoying our Fresh is Best recipe. #Freshisbest

Good–Share a photo of your pooch enjoying our Fresh is Best recipe to be entered into a drawing to win a year’s worth of free food!


Bad–Does your pooch have the winter blues?

Good–Whether you’re indoors or out, here’s how to keep your dog active during the winter.


When creating content, it can be easy to focus too much on communicating with consumers who are already familiar with a brand. But what about those who don’t know your company, products or services? While it’s true that some consumers will learn about a business through the involvement of their friends on social media but it’s still important to reach out specifically to those who are unaware of a company in order to grow a brand.

The key with social media is to focus less on products and more on creating experiences. It’s important to use social media to inspire existing consumers to advocate for them and research has shown that Millennials seem to be the best social media audience to tap into.

Regardless of whether you’re a new or old business, you should be using social media to

  1. Build a brand
  2. Keep in touch with current customers
  3. Monitor what people are saying about the company and products

So, when designing content for your social media pages, try to keep the consumer in mind. What would make you pause while scrolling through your Facebook feed? Why would you take the time to click on a link from your Twitter feed? What photos would you share from Instagram?

If you’ve unsuccessfully tried a technique, try something different. Really try to connect with your consumers and potential consumers. Strike up normal conversations and always respond to both positive and negative comments. Always appear interested and remember to keep track of your strategies as you go.

6 Comments Add yours

  1. kage2015 says:

    Great ideas. I often check out other people and see what they are doing and how they are writing etc. Learn tons from different people.


  2. hilkayaker says:

    Great tips to keep in mind. Giveaways can be a great draw too!


  3. reinventingjess says:

    I find myself making those mistakes all too often. I seem to be able to write great copy in my head, but when my fingers actually hit the keyboard it all changes, lol. Guess I need to work on it!


  4. HiItsNotMe says:

    Wrote an article on writing tweets like a boss like a boss.


  5. Joel says:

    I find myself reading articles or technology product reviews based on appealing titles or hashtags.


  6. Wendy says:

    Great advise!


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